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Hi! It's me Anthony! I am very excited about having my own homepage! I love to "pretend" to do webtv with my mom. I often mail all my grandparents a bunch of "ABC" e-mails. I am four years old and i will be five in March. Some of my favorite things to do are ride my bike, go swimming, play Sony Playstation..(with my dad), and color. I like the television show Inspector Gadget! I am a Power Ranger collector and my mom says she thinks I have every matchbox car there is!....Except the ones she threw out.....(cause I didn't pick them up!) :-( I love to eat watermelon, corn on the cob, steak with worchestershire sauce on it....and i also love to eat cereal. I am a GREAT big brother. It took a little getting used to at first....but now I am a great big helper! I have put some of my favorite sites on the web here on my page....and also a picture of me and my sisters!! I hope you all enjoy!