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Well, you know what they say about saving the best for last!! Here I am! :-) My name is Brooke Elizabeth. I am currently 7 months old. I will be a year old in December. A couple days past Christmas.....Santa saved me for later I guess! I have a kidney disorder called . . . Severe Bilateral Hydronephrosis. Those are BIG words but in the end .... I should be ok!! If you go to the bottom of my mommy has a link to a page that will tell you all about Hydronephrosis and how it is treated. I go to Hershey's Childrens Hospital from time to time and undergo many tests. I don't like these tests AT all. I am not sure who cries though more, ME..or..Mommy! I haven't had any infections...(knock on wood) so the Dr's are just going to keep an eye on me! But until we know more, I have to take my medicine daily! :-(
My Nanny Edie says I look like Tommy off of Rugrats. . . . .and sometimes my mom agrees with her!! What Nerve! Ha Ha I really like Zoe off of Sesame Street and I just adore my older brother and sister. Just recently I have discovered Barney! He is wonderful. He sings great songs that I like to hop up and down to. I have also just started eating Cherrios! I have to be watched though, cause I like to eat more than one at a time. My mommy says she is going to have her hands full now cause I have also started crawling, and pulling myself up onto things.....F_U_N! Please make sure to sign the guestbook on my mommy's homepage!! Thanks for stopping....and come back soon! Also be sure to scroll on down and take the time to read my stroy and how we have conquered Hydronephrosis~! :-)

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Brooke's Story...Hydronephrosis